Colorful Creations By Denise

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                         Welcome to My Colorful Creations!

My Name is Denise Andrews and I am a Full Time Mom turned Baker!

                I found out many years ago that I simply adored to bake- I bake for anything and everything that I can, Charity's, school functions, class parties or even going to a simple Bar-B-Q, whenever I could try one of my many recipes I just have to bake and bring something!

               So, with my at-home baking of Cookies and pastries and Homemade Fudge, My son asked me to make his Birthday Cake for him one year.I thought that was Awesome, my son, his birthday cake! Of course I had to it ,He loved it and my heart glowed!

             It felt awesome seeing his smiling face with a Cake that I had made him! His Birthday Cake went over so well, that the Mom's at his birthday party loved it too! I got asked to make their kids birthday cakes too and then it just spiraled from there...

            I was very excited, it was amazing to me that with some patience and a few ingredients  that I could create these awesome treats and cakes... I found my Calling and Colorful Creations was born and I love every single minute of it..

             I hope that you will enjoy them too...


                           Thank you so much for stopping by!

                                           Lots of Love,