Colorful Creations By Denise

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Ordering Policy:

                 Once Order has been Placed, It Is NOT Confirmed until Deposit has been made.  

               A 25% Non- Refundable Deposit is required within 24 hrs of Placing Order, either through Drop-Off or by EMT Transfer, Once deposit has Been received, Order will be confirmed through Email, or Message- Remainder Owing on Order will be due on day of Pick-up. 

General Pricing:

 These prices are a guideline to many of our popular cake sizes, Therefore the Prices Below are only a guideline of starting price. The final cost of your cake will depend on your size, design and accent pieces That you would like to have.


Birthday Cakes for any age!

General pricing:

1/4 Slab:approx 15-20 servings-Starting at $45.00

1/2 slab: approx 30-40 servings: starting at $65.00

Full Slab Cake:approx 100 servings; Starting at $125.00

Mini "Smash" Cakes: Starting price $18.00

8" Round or Square: Starting Price $40.00

9 Round or Square: Starting Price $45.00

10" Round or Square: Staring Price: $55.00

12" Round or Square: Starting Price: $75.00

Mid-Size Tiered Cake: Starting Price :$60.00 

(Consists of a 6" top with a 8" Bottom)

Also available in a 9"- 6"

Celebration Tier Cake" Starting Price: $75.00 

(consists of a 6" top tier with a 10" Bottom Tier)

Butter Cream Rose Swirl Cake:                               Cookies-N-Creme Cake

6"-$25.00                                                                              6"-$22.00

8" -$45.00                                                                             8"-$40.00

9"-$50.00                                                                              9"-$45.00

10"-$65.00                                                                            10"-$55.00

12"-$100.00                                                                            12"-$85.00

Death By Chocolate Cake                                        Red Velvet Specialty Cake

8"- $55.00                                                                              8"- $45.00

 9"- $65.00                                                                             9"- $55.00

10"- $75.00                                                                            10"-$65.00